Thinking of that new generator whether it be a portable generator with manual transfer switch or fully automatic generator that will start and transfer power whether you are home or away.  Ben King & Son are your generator professionals with years of experience for sales and service.  We offer free consultations where we will take the time and go over placement of unit, proper sizing to best fit your needs in that unknown time of power outage.  This is a one time investment so we get it right the frist time.
Portables can be installed with different types of manual switches.  We sell Gentrans where you have a certain number of circuits that can run off generator.  We also carry Generlink  with is a transfer switch that is installed behind your meter on the side of your house and comes with a 25ft cord set to plug into this automatic switch visit for more info Interlock kits are another type of manual switch which locks off your main breaker and allows you to turn on your generator power.
       We carry well known brands like # 1 Selling Generac,  KOHLER®, Magnum Portable power.  We also are factory certified  for warranty and service on Generac , KOHLER,, Magnum, Siemens, Centrion, GE, and Briggs &Stratton.   We carry an extensive inventory of parts for those unexpected moments.  We recommend yearly maintance to keep your investment in tip top shape and running strong for years to come.  We offer maintance contracts on all units listed above.  Please email or call for pricing and plans available.
Do you need Rental Power.  We can help we have units in stock and ready to go from small portables to large diesals on trailers.  Please visit our rental page for more information.
Now Offering
             Loadbank testing  Only one in Central maine area with this service
What is loadbank testing?       Loadbank testing is where we put a resistive load to your generator testing your actual rated KW output.  As most of time your generator does not run at max output but you may need it at somepoint and want to make sure it is there if needed.